Red Gold Tomatoes Cheeseburger Mac

September 27, 2010
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This is sad, three months later, I am finally writing something.  Here’s why aside from the obvious.  Taking a picture - I wanted to take a picture of what I made but it was too time consuming because I wanted to make it look nice.  Stupid reason - so now I’ll just borrow a shot […]

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Ergo Chef Knife Giveaway/Gaveaway

September 20, 2010
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Hmmm…  What do I want for my kitchen?  Shall I pick from some dutch ovens?  Perhaps a nice Le Creuset piece?  Well, CSN stores have allowed me to do a giveaway or a review - and this time I decided to be less selfish and do another giveaway!  Don’t get too excited though since I’ll do a review next time:)  […]

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Tandoor Chef Naan Pizza

September 6, 2010
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I started writing this the day after The Next Food Network Star finale…so the following sentence is a little dated:)  I thought it was very fitting that the other night while watching The Next Food Network Star- Aarti won after doing her mock show making, of all things, Naan pizza!  I loved watching Tom but […]

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A Quick Little Announcement

September 1, 2010

Hi there!  So sorry for the very long delay, but I’ve had my little girl!  I had her via c-section, which means for a slow-recovery.  Having a toddler who needs attention and attempting to breast-feed while moving in slow-mo have really left me no time at all!  I’m beginning to get better and will hopefully find some […]

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Buitoni Frozen Lasagna Review

July 23, 2010
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Through Buitoni’s parternership with Foodbuzz and their Tastemaker Program, I received a coupon for a free Buitoni frozen meal.  See, I kinda cheated since I’ve already tried their frozen lasagna.   A couple of weeks ago, my husband had a major craving for lasagna (no, he’s not the pregnant one, I am).   So since he asked for […]

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Okkatots Diaper Bag Review

July 22, 2010
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Hi!  I’m finally back!  Sorry for the long hiatus - I’ve been completely exhausted so every spare second I’ve had has mostly been zombie-like or napping.  Anyway, a surge of energy has found me today and I feel excited to write lots of upcoming food reviews as well.  I received this bag courtesy of CSN stores.  […]

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Schar Gluten Free Guest Review

July 6, 2010
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This guest review comes from my friend Megan, who is also pregnant and has Celiac Disease (if you’re new to this blog, I do not have celiac disease but my husband is allergic to wheat so I like to have a variety of foods at my house).  Schar was nice enough to send me a […]

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Diaper Bag Switch

June 29, 2010
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Oops!  In the time it took me to decide between the two diaper bags (open up yesterday’s post if you don’t know what I’m talking about), CSN sold out of the Mrs. Smith flowery one I ultimately decided on!  Instead, I’ll be getting this awesome Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Bag!  See, I could not decide […]

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Diaper Bags ‘n Buffalo Jerky

June 28, 2010
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So, by now we all know my pregnant self is a little lazy about cooking- I keep cooking my own old recipes from posts past, and my food creativity has turned into strange concoctions that nobody would want to eat anyway!  Plus, my taste buds have temporarily changed a little and this third trimester has me craving […]

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Chocolate Coupon!

June 18, 2010
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Remember my review on Jer’s chocolates?  At that point in time, I was just getting over my nasty first trimester stomach and not cooking much - yet craving chocolate, so these natural chocolates were the perfect solution to satisfying my craving!  Know what?  Not much has changed.  I still am craving chocolate and haven’t been cooking […]

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