Buitoni Frozen Lasagna Review

by Ann on July 23, 2010

Through Buitoni’s parternership with Foodbuzz and their Tastemaker Program, I received a coupon for a free Buitoni frozen meal.  See, I kinda cheated since I’ve already tried their frozen lasagna.   A couple of weeks ago, my husband had a major craving for lasagna (no, he’s not the pregnant one, I am).   So since he asked for it one night when it was way too late to start making one myself and I had that day coincidentally read a list of reviews of the best frozen lasagnas, I thought I’d take my list of the best ones and go get one for him and try it out for myself!

However, once I got to the store, they of course did not have one of these “best” lasagnas, but I stumbled upon this Buitoni frozen lasagna (not on the list because the testers did not try this kind), which looked very promising.  I figured since Foodbuzz has such a great relationship with Buitoni, and lots of foodie bloggers were raving about various Buitoni products, it couldn’t be too bad.  See, I’m a total Italian food snob.  Unless it comes from an authentic Italian restaurant, my family, myself, or imported, I typically do not like American Italian food.  It’s totally different.  I haven’t tried the Buitoni brand before due to this snobishness.  I’ve turned down other Buitoni Tastemaker opportunities for this reason.  Anyway, the frozen lasagna is all natural and Southern style - which I appreciated the clarification.  My family is from Northern Italy and the lasagna/food styles are totally different.  I do like them all though, just depends on the mood I’m in.  I’ve turned my husband and son into Italian food snobs as well.  I can’t believe my toddler son for the past year will turn up his nose to so-so lasagna but will snarf down the good stuff.  Seriously.  Are kids supposed to be that sensitive?  If we go to a non-Italian restaurant where spaghetti is on the menu, he usually hates it after one bite, and then I try it and he’s always right. 

So, we get home and stick the lasagna in the oven and I get my son ready for bed, because it’s late.  We had already eaten a light dinner a few hours before when my husband wasn’t hungry.  Around 8:30 the lasagna is finally ready!  I take a sliver of it up to bed to watch the one 20some minute “educational:)” cartoon O watches before bedtime, as part of the nighttime routine.   After taking a teeny bite, he can tell if it’s bad with a little taste, he wanted another bite.  He stole my whole sliver of lasagna.  I had to run down and get a little bigger slice and come back up to shar with him.  Again, he ate almost all of it.  This happened another couple of times and we ended up eating half of it together while my husband ate the other half!  Okay, so it isn’t the best authentic Italian lasagna I’ve ever had, but you know what?  For frozen lasagna, it’s darn good and the flavors are great and not too over or under-whelming.  A nice balance that many American lasagnas can’t ever seem to get right.  I think it’s an excellent staple to have in the freezer when you get that craving but may not have the ingredients on hand or the energy to make it.  I have a feeling this would’ve been somewhere on the top of the best frozen lasagna list, had those testers tried this kind.  My husband was also impressed and his craving was definitely satisfied.

So, when I got the invitation from Foodbuzz to try out a new Buitoni frozen meal for two, I just got another one of  these.  It’s in the freezer now and it’ll be a perfect frozen lasagna to have when my family is home with me with a new baby.  I already know they’ll like it!  Plus, we’re not much of a cream sauce type of family and some of the other options have creamy sauces and/or seemed like too big of a leap to attempt Italian food right - but that’s just my Italian food snob behavior coming out… maybe they’re as good as the lasagna?

Disclosure, I received free product from Buitoni/Foodbuzz