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Paul Smith Limited Edition Evian Bottle

Posted by Ann | Posted in Food Chatter | Posted on 10-12-2009

Paul Smith Limited Edition Evian Bottle

All you foodies into fashionable impressive presentations will like this.  In fact, I feel a little divaish just talking about this:)  I have to admit, I have a hard time with presentation.  I put so much time and effort into the flavor of the food- I often forget how to make it look pretty.  Er, sometimes I just don’t want to take the extra time on looks.  But I always appreciate and notice when someone else tries to make nice impressions and it really works!  You go into a creative atmosphere where everything flows together and some effort was put into appearance, and it just seems to help the party feel like a party and also get a nice mood going.  Ambiance.

A friend of mine who is an interior decorator came by the other day.  She’s attempting to help us finish our house nicely- tie everything in together and attempt to make it NOT look like a cute kid took over the whole place (he really did).   She brought me a bottle of this Paul Smith Evian thinking it might be of interest to me

Every year about this time, Evian has a famous designer or two design a limited edition water bottle.  You may have heard the the British designer Paul Smith.  My husband has some of his cologne and it smells fantastic!  The stripes on this year’s Evian bottle are basically his signature stripes, which are on the cologne bottle as well as his shopping bags.  It’s a nice and fun whimsical look that will effortlessly add a little pizazz to your gatherings.  However, this fun and different look does not come without a hefty price tag for water.  At $13.95 per 750ml bottle or $118 a case - you’d better make sure wherever you’re serving this water is worth it!  In fact, per bottle, this is more expensive than my usual wine!  Since my husband and I are huge wine-lovers, we prefer to buy some excellent yet affordable Italian table wines and treat ourselves when we’re in the mood.  Of course, I  usually serve nicer wines to guests or for special occasions, so the same holds true for water presentation- whether you’re putting a nice pitcher full of water with thinly sliced cucumbers on the table or this Paul Smith Evian bottle - it’s probably a little something different to show you’ve put some thought into it.

Anyone remember the movie Reality Bites?  It’s from 1994 with Ben Stiller, Janeane Garofalo, Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke.  I think it was Janeane’s character that said, “Evian is naive spelled backwards.”  Love that movie.  Well, the quote is true, but it’s still a nice bottle and conversation piece!  Is there anything special you do with your water to impress guests?  I usually don’t get past lemons or cukes!

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