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About Me

A couple of years ago when I became pregnant, my husband’s stomach always seemed to be in pain so we decided that he should get tested for allergies.  Unfortunately, the results showed he is allergic to a huge list of foods with mild to moderate allergic reactions including wheat and corn (the test did not go further to see if he is also allergic to oats, barley, etc…) .  Because he does not have a severe reaction, he is able to eat wheat and other grains, but he does so in moderation.  If our son has inherited these allergies, then I definitely don’t want to feed him grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni and cheese all day long!  Plus, I keep hearing stories of kids with health or behavioral problems that practically vanish once their diet is cleaned up.  I’d rather try to prevent that from happening than treat the cause in the future.  I feel it’s my job to give him plenty of varieties of foods and yet still let him have the mac and cheese sometimes… but in moderation!  

You’ll find that currently, most of my recipes are for baked goods.  That’s because my husband is going to school and often eats a big lunch.  I’ve found when I make a big dinner he’s not too hungry (or he’s at class!) and my toddler takes a few bites, and I have a meal for an army just to myself.  Plus, I’m a huge snacker.  After my husband graduates and finishes his CFA in June, then those meals may start popping up more often.

Part of my family is Italian and German, but my taste buds have ALWAYS been pretty loyal to the Italians.  I’ve fallen in love with the food in every part of Italy that I’ve visited and it all started with weekly family dinners at my Italian aunt’s house growing up.  Italians eat plenty of white flour and sugar, and when it comes to Italian food, I will eat it all!  I have a personal mental block on that.  I don’t care, Italian food is the best!  And… I LOVE Italian wines.

I’ve always loved to cook and bake and have even formed many friendships based on mutual love of food.  I tend to cook healthier versions of everything, a habit I formed as far back as I can remember.  It all really started in conjunction with Jane Fonda workout videos and Get In Shape Girl…a really cool toy in the ’80s.  Please feel free to share any thoughts or ideas you may have.  I’d love to hear it.  I hope you enjoy!


a little disclosure… I am not a chef, not a dietitian, please take what I say with a grain of salt.

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