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Pomegranate and Pineappe Chobani Review and Giveaway!

Posted by Ann | Posted in Reviews | Posted on 31-08-2009

Choboni photo courtesy www.chobani.com

When Chobani sent me their Pomegranate and Pineapple flavored Greek yogurt, I was a little skeptical of the pomegranate.  I love eating pomegranates but usually pomegranate flavored things are just concentrated and too sweet!  It just doesn’t taste the same to me.  When I found out that there is actually pomegranate seeds at the bottom of the yogurt, I got excited!  I was happily surprised at how delicious this yogurt tastes!  I would actually buy this and looked to buy more…but unfortunately I can’t because the Whole Foods in Omaha doesn’t have them yet.  The pomegranate seeds actually taste like you are just eating them off the fruit fresh, it’s delicious.  I wasn’t sure how my 2 year old son would react but fortunately, he loved it as well!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat much of the few tubs I received because he stole them from me.  He liked the crunch of the seeds as well which is surprising since he typically doesn’t like being surprised by new textures in his yogurt or ice cream.  If you like pomegranates, I’m sure you’ll like this - but if you like sweet pomegranate flavored things, I couldn’t say.

The pineapple flavor tasted surprisingly like fresh pineapple and not too sweet.  Delicious!   Again, my son stole this from me as well- the first bowl he spit out the pineapple chunks (that texture thing) but by the second bowl he happily snarfed it all down!  My mom served one of these to her guests one night while my husband and I were out of town and they raved about it and were excited to go out and get it immediately.  I had to let her down and say they couldn’t buy it yet, so she just compromised and went to Costco and bought the huge variety pack at Costco- which is Strawberry, Peach and Blueberry.  Of that pack, I was quite pleased with the blueberry flavor- and typically I don’t buy blueberry yogurt!

This review took me longer than usual to do because I really wanted to make something fun since I also received a couple of plain tubs of Greek yogurt but wasted one on some failed cookies and then the other on my husband’s green smoothie (one of the only ways I can get greens in him).  It consisted of apple juice, a greens powdered mix, frozen mixed berries, a banana and this yogurt.  He enjoyed it immensely:)  If I had another tub right now, I would attempt making hot wing sauce dip - consisting usually of cream cheese, ranch dressing, hot wing sauce and chunk/shredded chicken and cheddar on top.  I think replacing the ranch with yogurt might work and adding a few more spices to replace the lost “ranch” flavor.  Yummm:)  Well, that and I don’t have anyone to serve a dip to at the moment!

The Giveaway!!!  The winner (US residents only) will receive a variety of Chobani’s Greek yogurts including: Pineapple, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Peach, Blueberry, Honey and Plain.  Just comment below for a chance to win.  

  • For another chance to win, tweet this giveaway
  • Or if you have a blog, mention this giveaway in some form
  • Comment per each thing that you did so that I know! 
  • You have until September 4th at 3PM CST to enter!

AND THE WINNER IS….  Muffy!  #18 picked via random.org.  Congratulations!

Disclosure:  I was provided free product from Chobani


  1. I’ve been dying to try those new flavors!! I hope hope hope i win!

  2. Oh, I tweeted by the way!

  3. If I win, I promise I’ll share some with my sis who is desperately trying to win some chobani!

  4. Ooh! I’d love to try these, i’ve never had chobani!

  5. LOL, I was coming over to let you know I got my marinades! YAY! & guess what I find? You’re having another terrific giveaway! Yay! Except for one of the twins we LOVE yogurt and these sound really good.

  6. Hi! I have been dying to try these flavors! I keep hearing about how delicious they are, but they are not out in stores yet!

  7. Since I’ve been stealing my gfs veggie stash lately, I’ll replace it with some Chobani and hopefully she’ll forgive me…..

  8. Oh, and she made me tweet this also.

  9. I’d love some Chobani. The new flavors sounds great.

  10. I love the Greek yogurt-pomegranate would be an added bonus!!

  11. I buy a tub of plain Chobani every week, but I’m dying to give these flavors a try!

  12. The pineapple sounds delicious!!! And I’d love to try the pomegranate one! WOW so cool!

  13. Mmmmm, love the new flavors:-)

  14. Would love to try the pineapple flavor. This giveaway is amazing.

  15. argh i sure hope omaha gets them soon for sure! im dying to try pom and pine!

  16. tweeted!

  17. your link will appear on my blog post later today too :)

  18. I love Chobani yogurt! I eat greek yogurt all the time, and this is my favorite! Can’t wait to try the new flavors!!!

  19. Mmm yummy giveaway! I tried both and I really loved them! The Pom I figured I’d like, but the Pineapple (so much yummier being 2%!) was surprisingly delicious too! :)

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  21. Would you believe that I’ve never tried a Chobani?!?!?!?! I love Fage, but haven’t found Chobani around here. If I try it (hint: pick me!), and like it, I can successfully recommend it to my local grocery store. He :)

  22. I would love to try these!!

  23. consider yourself tweeted!!

  24. Loved the Pineapple…. Just cant find it…!!

  25. Chobani yogurt has been a lifesaver for me. I need a high protein snack and I finally found it!

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