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YoBaby Review and Giveaway

Posted by Ann | Posted in Reviews | Posted on 21-06-2009

YoBaby Family of Products

I don’t recall exactly when it was, 6 months? when I started feeding my son yogurt.  We started with the Stonyfield Farm YoBaby plain yogurt and added organic fruit puree to it.  He loved it!  Feeding him yogurt this way made me feel great because there were no added sugars!  Also, you’re supposed to feed your baby full-fat yogurt and the kid stuff is usually reduced-fat.  Plus, it’s organic, and with their tiny bodies growing at such a fast rate, I feel it’s best to give as much organic as you can.  At around 10 months he even ate some mashed avocado, banana and yogurt mixed together!  I froze the mixture in an ice cube tray but by the end he refused to eat the last few cubes.  Bummer.  He still won’t eat avocados.  At some point, around a year old I think, he caught on to the fact that some yogurts have some added sugars and they taste better.  Mommy’s mistake for feeding him a few bites of mine.  Oops!  Fortunately, YoBaby comes in lots of flavors, some with DHA and some with added cereal.  He loves every single one of them.  My only complaint about it is the sugar, I do wish there was less or none added, but my son loves it.  Probably by the time he graduates to the kid yogurt, they’ll offer a no sugar added version.  That’ll be for the next kid I suppose.   YoBaby yogurt does not add artificial colors to their yogurt either.  This is fantastic considering some of the scary articles I’ve read about artificial colors and mice.  In fact, I noticed on the blueberry flavor that organic carrot juice is added for some extra color.  Bring it on!

My little guy is a little nutty about his yogurt actually.  Every morning he goes right to the fridge to get me to open it, he then selects his yogurt flavor of the morning (yogurt is on the bottom shelf in the door so he can grab it), takes off the foil lid, and then hopes he can hurry and squeeze it out onto the floor before I catch him.  This is a new thing, the squeezing, that every morning I forget about because I’m tired!  This morning, only a couple of drops made it to the floor.  I was a little slow.  I grew up with a carpeted kitchen, gasp!  If I had a carpeted kitchen, I’d be sure to have had a few nervous breakdowns by now.  Lately my son has preferred the yogurt to the smoothies, but some days he has one of each.  I love the smoothies because they work in his sippy cup and there’s no mess!  For a little extra nutrition, I’ll add a half of a capsule of pro-biotics to the smoothie, shake it up, and then pour it in his sippy.  Sometimes, I’ll also add a few drops of toddler DHA into his smoothie.  It’s a lot less noticeable in those than anything else I’ve tried!

If you have a baby old enough to eat yogurt or a toddler, I have a sneaking suspicion that your baby loves yogurt.  You’re in luck because YoBaby is hosting a GIVEAWAY!!!!

YoBaby Giveaway

The prizes are pictured above: five vouchers for free YoBaby yogurt, a cute little bib and a travel bowl with a lid!  Excellent prize, especially if you’ve got a cute little yogurt addict like I do!  All you have to do is comment below.  I’ll pick the winner at random via random.org.  If you have friends with similar aged children, let them know about it to comment and split the winnings!  Just for some additional savings, here is a link to coupons for ya.  Another way to save on this is if you happen to use Recycle Bank as part of your trash service.  I used to go with a company that offered rewards for recycling (sweet!) and pretty much always chose the Stonyfield Farm coupons.  Probably one of the better coupon offerings with Recycle Bank at the time I used them.  Usually there was an option for a free YoBaby yogurt or smoothie.  So far, I’ve found Target to be the cheapest place to buy this brand.

Speaking of giveaways…today I’m announcing the winner of the Oikos giveaway!  Random.org threw out #18, which is Jenny Olson, congratulations Jenny!  Enjoy your yogurt:) 



  1. I am so excited I won, hooray!

  2. I have given my kids this yogurt and they love it. I am happy to know they are getting all the nutrients they need and not just a bunch of fake sugar also. Ann… Thank you for making me more aware of what is going in to my children’s mouth; you have made a nutritional impacted for my entire family. Thanks again…

  3. Aww, thanks for the extra sweet comment! :)

  4. I finally had Sam try Yo-Baby and he loves it! The only reason I never gave it before was because they don’t have it at Hy-Vee and that is where we did our grocery shopping. But now I stop at Wal-Mart to get some yummy yogurt for him.

  5. I forgot to mention, I think it is actually the cheapest at Target. I’ll have to make sure though btw. Target and Walmart. (I’ll remove myself from the comment giveaway portion!)

  6. LOVE this yogurt and my boys do too:) They have it every morning as part of their breakfast. YoBaby is the only brand I have given them so far, for one I know they like it, and it’s also great for them. Just bought some at Target for $3.04.

  7. Ann-such a funny thing to see you post, we just tried it last week. My daughter LoVeS it!! The portions are smaller so it is great for dessert after lunch or dinner. Good to know its better than I thought. Thanks!

  8. Love the story about the squeezing hahaha SO CUTE! My nephew would love all this, no little one for me though but I’d totally pass it on to my sister :)

  9. Hmmm…this yogurt looks great! I can’t believe I knew nothing about it….but now it’s been recommended to me! Now I’ll have to get out and find some at the store…I bet my little guy will L O V E it!

  10. my kids grew up on yobaby; they have now moved onto yokids. love the squeeze tubes for lunches boxes! talk to me about sticking straws into the yogurt - little less messy!! great info ann. keep it coming

  11. I haven’t tried this yogurt yet and either has Drew, but we will definitely have to give it a try.

  12. I know a little one who would just eat up this giveaway! She is already a huge yobaby fan, with granola. She’s my neighbor!

  13. My 15 month old is hooked on Yo Baby. Its a good thing cause its one of 4 things she eats. I have considered buying stock in the company. I have also considered buying the Yogurt sticks they make and freeze them for a yummy summer treat-Like a yogurt ice pop. Can you freeze yogurt?

  14. My daughter loves Yo Baby! It is one of the few go to foods I know she will eat. I frequently get the vanilla and banana flavors and then add fruit to it. Thanks for the link to the coupons.

  15. I remember your blog when at store today to find yogurt for ME - and Yo Baby is it! If babies love it, why wouldn’t i?

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