The Better Chip Review

by Ann on March 23, 2012

Oh my - I have a MacBook Pro - convert from a regular ole PC- and the simplest thing has perplexed me and so this review has taken a month and I still haven’t done it!  Here’s the problem: the super-nice people at The Better Chip sent me a really cool t-shirt  (in MY size and not a men’s L or XL, yay!) and so I decided to post this picture where I was wearing the shirt and my dog was staring at the chips I was eating.  It was classic.  But I can’t re-size the damn picture.  What the heck?  Then I get on the App store and there are too many choices - all with poor ratings.  What to do…  Anyway- I’ll have to talk to a Genius but haven’t gotten around to it and so I had better write this review without the shot- just wasn’t meant to be.  Even tried to grab a pic from Amazon and it still needs to be resized.  Ugh!  Wish my photoshop would transfer to this computer.

More importantly, The Better Chip folks actually sent me their chips - and they are seriously delicious.  I received Red Pepper, Jalapeño and Sweet Onion.  They say it better than I can, so I’m just going to copy/paste what they’re about - (not getting paid or required to do this btw, just love the idea behind it): “Made from double corn masa, 40% fresh veggies and enhanced with a smidgen of sea salt or natural seasoning for a better tastingand better dipping chip. We understand, not everyone appreciates better taste.Unfortunately for artificial ingredient lovers, we only use natural ingredients. No preservatives. No gluten. Nothing genetically modified. And no cholesterol. Simply better for you.”  So, now that you get the gist- I’ll start with my favorite flavor, Red Pepper.  It has a pretty strong, excellent red pepper flavor.  But not in a fake way- just good and obviously red pepper and you can taste the freshness.  Seriously.  It’s reminiscent of a nacho chip (since it’s Red Pepper AND Salsa Fresca) but in a major natural red pepper way.  The Jalapeño chip is weaker than the Red Pepper- so don’t try that first and then Jalapeño- you have to eat them separately, because the first time I tried the Jalapeño variety- it was right after the Red Pepper and I couldn’t really get the flavor.  But I ate it a different day and really loved it - it’s a lot more subtle and there’s some heat at the end.  A fun and different chip.  My son didn’t like that one -too much heat for him- it was pretty cute watching him run for some cold water.  He hasn’t developed any heat tolerance yet though.  The last one is sweet onion.  I’m not a big onion person but do love caramelized onions- and this reminded me of caramelized onions actually.  I ate the whole bag and was glad my husband was away on a business trip.  I also made broccoli that night - should’ve had my sardines but didn’t think about it:)

So believe it or not, I’ve actually been working on cooking and recipes again!  My first kid was fairly high-maintenance, but my second has been totally exhausting.  She’s finally coming around and is starting to help me cook (and she’s also sleeping…for the moment), so now I can do a few things!  Soon I’ll share what green smoothie recipe I’ve been into lately - not my recipe, but I’m digging it - and the interesting microwave muffins I’ve been trying to perfect.  Having fun in the kitchen again, ahhhhhhhhhh.



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