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Cookie and Bar Recipes

Pumpkin Muffins With Maple Glaze

by Ann on October 19, 2009

German Plum Cake - Dr. Oetker

by Ann on October 10, 2009

Baked Rice Paper Nutella Rolls

by Ann on September 30, 2009

PB & Prune Quinoa bites

by Ann on September 22, 2009

Marzipan Cake

by Ann on September 11, 2009

Hazelnut Quinoa Granola Bars

by Ann on September 4, 2009

Soft Oat Flour Pumpkin Cookies

by Ann on July 29, 2009

Fresh Berry Pie

by Ann on July 16, 2009

Gluten-Free Apple Currant Crisp

by Ann on July 14, 2009