Mint Chocolate Coconut Crispy Cat Review

by Ann on May 26, 2009

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Sometimes, I just want a coconut candy bar - the mini almond joys are so tasty but the ingredients are awful!  I quit buying them a long time ago and Halloween time is difficult trying to find food that I feel good about handing out the the kids.  Half the time, they get healthy breakfast bars.  I still love my candy and will go on eating it, but I finally found a good coconut candy to feel better about!  The Crispy Cat brand Mint Coconut candy bar is dairy free, gluten free, non GMO (genetically modified organism), is 92% organic and has no preservatives.  Well, and I also love mint and chocolate together.  But mint chocolate coconut?  Oh, it does so well together!  The coconut and the mint are both flavorful enough but also mild to where you don’t get overwhelmed in the flavor.  The dark chocolate has a slight alcohol tinge and I think that’s from the organic cocoa liquor added to it.  However, it’s not overwhelming at all.  My son stole it from me as I was marvelling about how delicious it was.  He liked it so much he started dancing around the kitchen and ran into the dining room to claim stake.  Oh well, he didn’t get that much of it and for the most part, the sweets he does eat are a whole lot more nutritious than this.  Although this bar is most definitely not a meal replacement (I’ll eat those on the run as snacks usually, never an actual meal) or going to give you too many vitamins or protein, it is a much better candy option for you to eat if you are going to eat candy anyway.

Crispy Cat also makes chocolate sundae and toasted almond bars, shown in the photo above, but I like the mint and coconut so much that I am not sure if I’ll get around to trying these versions!  For the price anyway…I spent a whopping $2.89 on one bar!  So, these are going to be very occasional treats, but if they made these in a mini’s style bag like snickers and charged less…they’d be dangerous!   I’d buy them more and then just have one more mini bite….

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1 stephchows May 27, 2009 at 8:06 am

Oh yikes $$! But they sure sound good!

2 Ann May 27, 2009 at 8:11 am

I know. $$$$ Maybe they’re cheaper at other stores?

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