Voltaggios Take On Thanksgiving

by Ann on November 9, 2011

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Thank you Cooking Channel…and Williams-Sonoma!  I’m a huge Top Chef fan - including Masters and Just Desserts.  Definitely my favorite season ever was when the Voltaggio brothers were on.  They both just rocked it - every single thing Bryan made was perfect and Michael threw in some crazy ideas and won for his creativity.  But of course, what made it extra fun to watch is how cute they are…stating the obvious.  The picture above is old- but seemed like the best of the two together I could find.  In case you didn’t know- they have a Thanksgiving special on Cooking Channel right now!  It replays often so you can probably just DVR it and watch it whenever you want.  Michael’s brussels sprouts recipe and Bryan’s turkey recipe both stuck out to me the most.  I actually went to the store to buy the ingredients for the brussels sprouts but my kids were bored and I had to cut the trip short.  But really, even if you don’t like cooking or have no intention of making your Thanksgiving meal this year, it’s still fun to watch…if you’re a girl- or a gay man.

Girl talk! During their season of Top Chef - I was a total Bryan fan all the way.  He’s more serious and I didn’t see any tattoos, so that’s more my guy style - most of my girlfriends were into Michael though.  But this Thanksgiving special revealed a bunch of Bryan tats.  Plus, he had some weird bangs going on in the special - and all of a sudden - I saw what everyone else saw in Michael!  Michael wasn’t wearing his silly big hat backwards this time and seems more mature looking.  Even though tattoos aren’t my thing - Michael’s personality does go with them at least. Maybe Bryan has a bad boy side?  Well…the second those bangs go away I’m pretty sure I’ll be more into Bryan again, he is so serious you know.  Freshman year of college my best friend and I were feeling particularly adventurous one evening and decided to get little matching tattoos.  I wimped out last minute and got a belly ring (and she did too) - which my body hated so it was gone after 3 months since it never healed.  I’m so happy for my last minute change of heart!  Until I had my kids- I could never think of anything meaningful enough to me to want to wear every single day.  Except now I have that dumb little scar where that tiny gold ring was for three months.  And then when I got pregnant, it got darker and bigger!  Luckily, it went back down - but I’ve seen lots of friends whose ring holes got huge and dark and stayed that way after the baby.  Hee hee, the things you don’t think or care about in college!

Back to the brothers: Here’s the most important question: Why don’t these boys have their own cooking show already?  Carla was my other Top Chef fave and she’s on The Chew.  Fabio was another favorite and he’s everywhere.  But these boys need their own show asap and then I’ll probably start watching Food Network or The Cooking Channel again and not just Top Chef.   Of course, they’d have to dumb it down for us a little - but they definitely need their own show asap.  Don’t you think?

So, here’s a little update on what’s going on in my world and why I haven’t posted recipes lately still.  My 15 month old won’t let me do anything.  At all.  Ever.  I’m the same mom to my 4 year old - but he was just never this clingy.  She doesn’t walk yet and insists I carry her everywhere and cries when I don’t.  Seriously, I have to make her cry it out sometimes during the day so I can get little things done!  Also, this one doesn’t sleep like my son did.  I definitely have more empathy for those parents with clingy kids now.  However, today she started toddling around - walking-ish.  It’s so cute and I’m so excited!!!  This may possibly mean a little bit more freedom.  As soon as I get over this sinus infection or ridiculous cold, I can taste again and bake something delightful.  E will just toddle around my feet and allow me to make it.  If I think it, it has to happen, right?