Happy Father’s Day To…Me?

by Ann on June 16, 2011

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What an excellent gift for Father’s Day!  I received an awesome steak knife set- Wusthof’s Grand Prix II Four Piece Steak Knife Set in red!  If you know much about American Football- you’d know the Nebraska Cornhuskers’ color is red.  Half the people I know have Husker basements or garages.  The ladies usually put a restriction on where the man can decorate with Husker stuff.   I limit Husker stuff to the garage.  Sorry- not having a huge stadium picture in my basement, excuse me, lower level.  To be somewhat PC, some women like decorating their houses with sports crap.  Anyway - I still like accenting my kitchen with the color red and so red is the color of my accessories that aren’t stainless.  Perfect.

Only filets were worthy of trying out our new knives - so I put my husband to the task of actually grilling the steak.  A man that cooks is a total turn on.  Buuuuut… not my husband- he flips out over every little thing.  “Where is everything?!” “What do I do!?”  “How do I handle the pressure!?”  Of course my handy meat thermometer, which I’ve had over 10 years and has never failed me, had to die while he was grilling the filets.  He was so nervous about over-cooking them, he panicked and needed me to check the thermometer right this second!  In a flustered rush of annoyance, I grabbed the thermometer to pull it out.  I usually just put it in periodically and never actually leave it in.  Oops.  The grill was 400 degrees.  You could hear the quick sizzle of my left thumb and pointer finger.  I ran inside and put ice in it right away and internally scolded my husband and myself for the next few hours.  But miraculously, the steaks turned out perfectly medium rare!  It is possible to properly cook a steak without thermometers.  I only use them for pork and hamburgers actually.  If you’re a man reading this, NOTE: to turn a woman on by cooking - take it all in stride and uh, with a grain of salt.  Do not freak out or you have ruined the whole point.  If you cannot do this, instruct significant other to leave the room so you still seem cool.

The burns were kind of a blessing in disguise for trying out the new knives.  I only had to hold my fork in my left hand for a second while I sliced right through the filet like it was the most tender filet in the world - or like “hot butter,” in my husband’s words.   I was actually about to buy a nice set of steak knives but opted to get our cheaper ones from 10 years ago professionally sharpened.  Those work much better than they did before- but nothing like these red Wustof’s.  However, I really wouldn’t recommend burning yourself just to check the validity of a knife.

With the whole thermometer fiasco - I knew exactly what to get the husband for Father’s Day!  Shhhhh

If you want to read more on the quality of the knives, click here.  I don’t go into much detail since everyone already knows the quality the Wusthof name brings.  These red steak knives are sold exclusively at Williams Sonoma.  Love that store.  Love love love.

Disclosure: I received free product from Wusthof.  However, if I don’t like a product, I just don’t review it.  I’m the worst liar in the world.