Best Baby Food Ever

by Ann on February 10, 2011

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And it comes full circle!  Back in the day, I used to have a huge crush on Tyler Florence.  When he used to do the show Food 911- he may actually still do it but I haven’t watched in over 6 years so I couldn’t tell you!  My crush faded eventually when he did too many blue cheese dishes and fatty steaks.  I was so disappointed when my family and I went to Italy to visit relatives, see the historical sites, and eat the food:  my husband and I were taking  a tour of the Vatican while my brother walked the streets and took pictures with his sweet new camera.  Who stopped him?  Tyler Florence!  Of course my brother didn’t have any clue who he was (doesn’t really cook) but Tyler was interested in his camera and they chatted awhile.  Tony said Tyler was a nice, normal guy- so all these years later I’m happy to help support he and his family by buying his baby food!  Well, my one baby will not actually help support much- but I wanted to get the word out!

About the baby food.  It’s called Sprout and their website is  They go above and beyond what competitors do by actually making the food tasty.  Okay- I haven’t tried that many combos since E is only 6 months old - but we’re getting there.  There is a noticeable difference when eating the Sprout food vs the other brands.  With my son three years ago,  I always tasted all of his baby food- and I still do.  At the time, between Gerber Organic and Earth’s Best, the majority of the better tasting food was Earth’s Best, plus I preferred that Earth’s Best was in glass.  But now - we are LOVING the Sprout!   It comes in little BPA free plastic/foil pouch that you can run under warm water, ie. NO MICROWAVING!  The pouch is re-sealable and it’s so easy to squeeze all the good stuff out of them.  There are similar competitors but in my opinion, and my baby’s opinion, the flavor of this brand beats the others - although I love the healthy choices of the other brands as well.

On their website, they recommend the Stage 1 for 6 months and the Stage 2 for 7 months+, but it’s basically like the other brand’s Stage 1 at 4-6 months and Stage 2 at 6+ months.  So, I will have to ignore their suggested age since E was eating Stage 1 just fine before 6 months and is happily eating their Stage 2 food at 6 months.  There is no reason I can figure to follow that guideline.  We’ve only had a few of the Stage 2 mixes so far since it takes forever to introduce one food at a time to test for allergies, but from the few things we’ve tried, the small differences in preparation make for a huge difference in flavor, a happy baby, and they seem to upset her tummy less than the dried oatmeal/rice that you mix with formula.  I’m excited for my baby to try the whole spectrum of these foods!!!  Since - I do not see a day any time soon where I will have enough sleep to have the energy to roast bananas first, then puree them, freeze them into cubes, do the dishes and clean up my mess.  These are foods with small touches that I would’ve made myself, but sleep deprived me hasn’t gotten around to it, so I’m thankful that Sprout baby food is available for my baby until I get some sleep…if ever!  After all, I can’t quite grind our recent quick meals of PB&J on whole wheat or gluten free pasta and meatballs:) 

Oh!  If you’re wondering where to buy these for your baby, I got them at Whole Foods.  I also see it’s available on and I can use my Amazon Mom membership and get free Prime shipping in two days for a case.  Woohooo!