We’re sick and CSN

by Ann on December 10, 2010

Hi, I’ve missed coming on here and also checking others!  I have a few things I want to mention below, but first my woe is me story.  We’re sick.  All the time.  Sick.  Iarrogantly thought that with good eating habits, the right supplements, the right amount of sleep, and all the hand washing and clothing changes after school, that I could maybe prevent some of the crap from coming home.  But I cannot.  Nope.  So anyway, I have an emotional son who is tired because his sleep is interrupted from snot and Christmas lights (those lights are not allowed on in his room at night anymore).  I have a baby who just gets cold every night despite what I do to keep her warm.  So, she’s up all night.  I just don’t understand it!  O was a little furnace but my girl is the opposite at night!  So, to keep her safe and from overheating, I’m very slowly getting the temp/pj’s to the proper amount so she can sleep comfortably but I don’t put her at a higher risk for SIDS.  And since these kids are keeping me up all night I have had a lowered immune system or something since I kept getting sick- but nothing going on a few weeks now so I’m crossing my fingers.  Yippeeee!  O seems to be getting better finally despite the fact he came home with pink eye today - but these drops are so awesome.  Five minutes after the first drop your kid isn’t contagious anymore!  So that was probably my highlight of the day so far, the 5 minute drops along with the amazing Paradise Bakery carrot cake muffin bites.  The heavens sang from above when I took my first bite of those.  I know, the cake they have is already amazing, but it’s so big and pricey!  $5.99 for a dozen little bites was perfect, I had two!  Ummm, they are healthy because they have carrots and nuts inside:)  Back to being sick - too bad a three year old won’t go for nasal irrigation, but have you heard of Himalayan salt inhalers?  I think maybe I could get him to use that… 

And just in time for Christmas cookies, I broke my hand mixer!  After making crepes of all things, it was just its time.  Yes, lots of people like lugging out their huge, heavy stand mixers, but I prefer a separate bowl and hand mixer.  But luckily, the folks over at CSN stores are gonna let me choose a hand mixer and I’ll tell you all about it!  They have such a great selection of pretty much everything like hand mixers and sling backpacks:)  Actually, I’m also going to order a toddler toilet seat, and I’ll tell you about that too!  For those of you interested in toddler toilet seats. 

For a new topic, I got an email today from Debra at beyourownyou.com, which focuses on the empowerment of girls.  I love this.  Women should support women and girls should support girls.  If we can start our girls out  on a healthy path, then they will hopefully grow into strong, independent women with high self-esteem.   Cymphonique, Master P’s daughter, Lil’ Romeo’s sister, and upcoming Nickelodeon star, is joining forces with BYOU to help spread awareness and sell clothes with a positive message.  She seems to have a great personality, work ethic, and outlook on life, so I hope she keeps it as she gets older!!!!  For now, I think it’s fantastic and hope that young girls are influenced by this positive program and role model in Cymphonique.  I had some great role models in Tiffany and Debbie:)