Taste Buds Are Weird

by Ann on December 22, 2010

I don’t get it!  Saturday night I had a little bit too much to drink.  It was my first time actually drinking more than a small glass or two of wine since breastfeeding is over.  I’m glad it’s over with since I won’t be drinking that much again in a loooong time.  Sorry New Year’s!  Not gonna happen for you.  But why, after you have had too much to drink, do things actually taste different.  And not just the next day sometimes but for days and days afterwards?  I drank enough to feel gross the next day- but not to puke or really slow me down much, just enough to feel gross.  So why in the world is my normal coffee still tasting gross, I want to drink pop at night (normally don’t even drink soda), and I want lots and lots of red meat (for me it comes in the form of jerky lately) and salty snacks.  It’s as though my taste buds have totally changed, though temporarily, into making me want to pack on a few before Christmas!  It’s like being pregnant first trimester and all the healthy things sound and taste gross.  I’m not pregnant though.  PHEW!  I’m pretty sure I lost my pregnancy weight not from breastfeeding, but from not drinking anything.  Since I’m still eating crap foods like a hog and it’s Wednesday! 

Right now I’m trying to figure out what cookies to make for Santa for Christmas.  Of course my tummy feels yucky and so I want to make something uber-rich - but I’m thinking of making my healthy peanut butter balls and maybe some almond flour chocolate chip cookies.  But I kinda want to make something a little more fun for my son.  However, anything too fun will require a grocery store trip with my two children, and trying to fit a baby carrier into the grocery card and a three year old boy wanting to run the aisles (not allowed, but he wants to) make me want to stay put and scrounge up some ingredients.  How do all these moms do everything?  Man!  I finally have some more time to bake something if I wanted to, but I’m afraid to go to the grocery store!  Baby steps…it’ll happen.

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