EO Products and Trader Joe’s!

by Ann on November 12, 2010

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I’m so excited!  Today, Trader Joe’s has finally opened its doors in Omaha.  Yippeee!!!  But…I’m not there.  Yep, it’s a crappy day, I’m home with my baby waiting for a friend from out of town to come visit.  TJ’s will be there tomorrow and the next day and the next.  A friend just asked me if I was one of the crazy ladies in line at 6:00 this morning:)  I stay home on Black Friday too- I’m guessing this is similar.  But you can bet when I finally get more time to cook and get my creative juices flowing- I will be shopping there…on weekday mornings…maybe every other day.  Actually, if you live in the area - why don’t you come to Trader Joe’s and say hi.  Pretty much any time- there’s a good chance I’ll be there:)

Anyway, I feel a bit nerdish to tell you how flipping excited I was to open up this box of goodies from EO Products.  I mean, Christmas came early at my house!  It’s cold and flu season- and we’re all trying to keep our hands as clean as possible.  And then I have a three year old in preschool who literally brings home a new cold/virus every two weeks, basically once he’s getting better from the last one.  Agh!  What is a mom to do with a new baby at home?  Well, not much really when you have this preschooler coughing directly in your face no matter how many times you tell him not to.  I’ve tried various parenting techniques to get this to stop - but I’m pretty sure it’s hopeless. 

When I don’t have a newborn baby at home.  I just wash my hands a lot and don’t use a lot of hand sanitizers.  But when I’m around a baby, it’s sanitize time!  So check out this variety of products EO sent me.  Soap and sanitize jackpot!  If you like the smell of lavender - muted lavender, not in-your-face lavender, then you’ll probably love this stuff.  Since I’ve put lavender soaps now at most of our sinks - the aromatherapy effect has made my family very calm and relaxed.  Okay, not really, but I do constantly smell my hands after washing!  I’ve got the sanitizers in my diaper bag, bedside, kitchen and purse.  They’ve not overly feminine so men will use them too in my kitchen without a complaint. 

I’d like to tell you that my son hasn’t brought home a cold since, but that’s not true.  I think that if all the kids wore masks at school and then I ran around after my son sanitizing him every second, and then I also petitioned the school to get a better air filtration system at his school, then he wouldn’t get sick.   But…I’d probably get kicked out of the school for being a nutcase.  However, I do fantasize about it at times with this neverending story of new colds and coughs.  Instead, we are going through the “building the immunity” stage.  I often wonder if that’s just BS - because you get the parents bragging that their kid never got sick while you’re exhaustedly wiping another snotty nose. 

Moving on!  Thanks to the people at EO Products.  I’m a fan and when I run out - which will surprisingly be sooner than later, I will run my butt over to Target and pick up some more!